About us

Facetgems company was founded by Hayasudeen Sahabudeen who is mostly known as Kiyas. He established his business in Bangkok, Thailand in the year of 1992. He has been in the trade for the past 50 years and successfully running his business until now. We source our products directly from Earth mines from different countries to get varieties of gemstones as they come in various regions. We do them through trusted connections and does the manufacturing in Bangkok, Thailand and provide the finished product to the trade. Our aim is to specialize internationally and provide our customers their needs and services.

We provide fine quality natural Gemstones focusing on both precious and semi precious. We have been trading successfully in the past years and now we would like to continue to do the same in our online platform. The gems we are dealing may include such as, Sapphires, Rubies, Garnets, Alexandrites, Paraiba, Rubellites, Spinels and other various kinds of gems. 

We also do Jewelries upon customers request. Customers interested to get their gems done into jewelries with their own design or if they do not have one, you can contact us for designs.

If there is in need of recutting, reshaping, or re-polishing. We do provide our clients with the service of gem modifications.

I Myself Anfas, have completed bachelors degree in Business Management and later pursued my Graduate Gemologist Diploma at Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in Newyork, USA. I am the second generation of my family and my intention is to expand my business internationally and give my full support to my customers.